There’s a bit more to Easter than just Easter eggs, it’s the oldest and the most Important Festival in the Christian Calendar.

Jesus had told his disciples in advance, that he would rise on the third day. After his death Jesus was seen that day and several days after visiting old friends who realised what had been prophesized had come true.

Easter eggs

In the UK and Europe early Easter eggs took form of Duck, Hen or Goose eggs brightly painted in vibrate colours to echo the arrival of spring time after the darkness of winter.

This was also the visual symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.

It was only in the 1800s and the wide availability of chocolate that the style of eggs changed and became the ubiquitous Easter offering.

So let’s express the joy of Easter and celebrate the time for the Easter Bunny to show his face, time for chocolate bouquets and the gift of flowers not to forget your personalised handmade greetings cards.