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About Cardzilla

Hello and welcome to Cardzilla. We have been making hand made cards for many years now. We started making cards for family and friends and have'nt stopped since. We make cards for all occasions; Birthday's, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Father's Day, Christmas, etc. and have had many lovely comments about them. We hope you will feel the same when you have browsed our website.

Not only have we made cards over the years but we have also made Wedding Invitations, again, for family and friends, and we have really enjoyed working with the couples to design thier own special stationary. We now have a few designs of our own, which we hope you will like. we are also willing to work with you if there is something special that you want for your special day.

We have made quite a few gifts over the years too, which we have also enjoyed doing. There are some lovely Chocolate gifts for all you chocaholics out there, which are great for all occasions.

Well we hope you enjoy browsing Cardzilla and find something that you really like, and just have to buy.

Handmade Greetings Cards

Why buy a hand made card? We think that a hand made card is extra special, because someone has taken the time to look for something different and personal. Whether it be a for a Birthday, Wedding Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary or just to say thank you, a hand made card is always special.

All the cards on the website are hand made by us. We do a lot of CD crafting, which we find much more enjoyable as you have lots more designs to hand, therefore you have a lot more choice. Even though the designs are printed from a CD they are still all hand made by us and original.

Most of the cards are A5 in size or 144mm square, they are all made from top quality materials, which means you have a good quality card. The pictures of the cards on the website may look flat but many of them are 3D, which gives them some depth.

Personalised Gifts

How special is it to have a gift that is personalised!

There are so many occasions, such as Anniversaries, get well wishes, Leaving your job, moving house etc, that are made extra special when they have been personalised. How much do children love gifts with there name on, even those with rare names that you can't find in the shops. Well we can help you. All our gifts and cards can be personalised. How lovely would it be to have that baby gift with the baby's name and date of birth on.